Services overview

What we do

We generate insights and opportunities based on deep user experience and market research. We use it to define a product or service, plan a product roadmap, transform your offering, or help inform your response to an inflection point in your business or market.

A wider lens on user experience

Most businesses focus on everyday use of their product or service. But our generative research and evaluation have proven there’s a much wider window of opportunity to deliver a great user experience and build loyalty.
User journey

Anticipated experience

Understanding your customer’s context and pain points is essential. Many of these go unspoken but they dramatically impact evaluation and adoption of anything new. Whet customer appetite by promising what they truly need.

Actual experience

Promise and deliver. We understand that user experience is about more than just usability. Your customers want a useful product or service they get value from each time they use it.

Remembered experience

User experience unfolds over time. Brands with a loyal base have customers who like the product and will talk about it. The progressive reveal of value and intelligent interface details add up to a lasting impression.

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