Experience Modeling

Bring concepts to life

Conventional approaches pick a design and dive right into the details. We don’t do it that way. We’re experts at applying design thinking to transform concept research into an actionable and implementable experience. We quickly create rich UX prototypes, storyboards, and artifacts that help us vet ideas and shape the experience.

Interaction strategy

We translate requirements into a UX design architecture. We’ll understand desired user experience workflows and define an extensible navigation and information architecture to support them. We consider: What’s most important? What do customers need to do often? What UX norms does this audience expect? What’s the environment?

Experience journey mapping

When you understand your customer’s goals and see all their touchpoints across your brand, powerful insights emerge. We visualize your customer’s process toward their goal, and as we do it, pain points and roadblocks in the process become clear.
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Cognitive walkthrough

Especially when we're solving sticky problems, iterative evaluations are essential. We assemble a team to try our designs, looking at each step or screen through the customer's eyes and understanding. It lets us find and fix problems even before we start Impact Measurement.

Persona development

Know your customers. Rather than looking at them as a single population, personas help you think about and design solutions for customer types and their unique needs and motivations. Personas put a name and a face to each kind of customer, bringing their voice into your planning and design.

Interaction modeling and design

Before you’ve spent anything on development, you can see the usability and desirability of a concept. We do this by rapidly prototyping multimodal UX experiences in hardware and software. It’s one of our most valuable design options for rapid exploration, formative usability testing, guerrilla research, and stakeholder feedback.

High-fidelity visual design

All the research data and validated designs won’t matter if they can’t be implemented. We’ll deliver high-fidelity designs and animations that honor your brand, support the UX design architecture, and are feasible to develop. We provide detailed specifications and guidance the development team can execute.

Some Experience Modeling projects

collaborative gaming video
Mesh gaming video
Interaction strategy
metrics dashboard 3
Metrics dashboard
Interaction and visual design
Printer interface
Printer multi-touch interface
Interaction and visual design
Enterprise user personas
Persona development
SaaS journey exploration
Experience journey mapping
mobile app ui -400x200
Cross-platform mobile app UI
Interaction and visual design

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