Impact Measurement

Launch with confidence

We use our suite of research methods to scientifically evaluate experiences. We do this throughout the product lifecycle, from concept to prototype to final design to launch. We recommend Impact Measurement early and often. The sooner we have evidence there’s a problem, the cheaper it is to fix.

Usability testing

Watch your customers use your product or new concept. This always produces rich data that turns speculation (“users will probably do this”) into knowledge (“actually, all but one did that”). It gives everyone watching the tests powerful empathy for your customers. We see very clearly how to improve the design.

Competitive assessment

Whether or not your product is leading the market, we help you understand the user experience your competition's delivering. What works well? What doesn't? Armed with this insight we can deliver an experience exceeding what your customers could get elsewhere.

User experience assessment (UXA)

We study awareness, adoption, and multiple phases of use. UXA gathers data on customers navigating this spectrum and creates experience metrics and insights. How does experience quality change between versions? Do customers struggle to understand the product concept and its value? Will they become loyal or detractors?

Developer experience assessment

Developers have the difficult task of using tools from multiple sources and forming a market-ready solution. Inevitably, they see functional issues, poor contextual information, and missing connective tissue. Manufacturers often assume, “They’ll figure it out.” Not so. Our deep experience with developer products helps you close those gaps.

Expert review

We’ve conducted thousands of hours of testing and research. Our experts can jump into a design and apply usage scenarios and intuitively see where things will probably go well for the customer and where they won’t. The expert review brings this insight to the design as an early precursor to usability testing.


When launching a service or product experience that spans modes and time, you don’t want to launch and have critical issues hound you. We’ve designed and managed many complex pilots that test concepts and roll them out in controlled ways. Then when you do launch, you can be confident it will go extremely well.

Some Impact Measurement projects

Remote Manageability White Paper
Remote manageability white paper
Usability benchmarking, competitive assessment, developer experience assessment, expert review
Smart glasses
Smart glasses
Usability testing
Logistics IoT
Logistics IoT
Concept testing
VR guidelines
UX guideline creation for VR
Usability benchmarking
Wrist-worn prototypes
Wrist-worn prototypes
Concept & usability testing
Developer experience event
Developer experience
Developer experience assessment

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