Insight mining

Seek to understand

The power of insight is rooted in our research that looks at the world and specific domains to find innovation opportunities. Our insights have helped transform product, marketing, customer service, and customer support strategies and experiences. We creatively adapt research techniques to the unique domain and the answers needed.


We enable radical leaps in product innovation by directly observing your customers in their environment, independent of product use. When we understand their motivations, environment, communication, and capabilities, we find unmet needs and opportunities for improvements in products, services, and customer experience.

User interviews

When time is tight, we’ll use one-on-one interviews with your customers to learn about their domain, goals, preferences, and tasks. We carve out specific focus areas to get the data needed to make product and customer experience choices.

Contextual inquiry

Seeing all the touchpoints customers have with your business and products in a real-life context reveals much about how past design assumptions and service definitions are playing out. We watch, probe with questions, and discover how well your offering serves the intended audience.

Longitudinal studies

A customer rarely has just one experience with your company. Lots of attention is often paid to a customer’s first-time experience with a product, but what about before or after that? We gather snapshots of data over time to help us learn about your customer’s full-circle experience with your company.

Diary studies

You can learn much from a person’s self-observed experiences and influences. The customer can provide us rich in-the-moment data that might otherwise get forgotten. We’ll find insights based on photos, videos, stories, and feedback gained through online or offline tools.

Opportunity exploration

Planning to expand your offering or recast your customer experience? We’ll evaluate the opportunity. We’ll consume existing research, products, seminars, and more to extract and analyze knowledge for its impact on your business and customers. From there, we’ll see gaps we can close with new primary research.
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Some Insight Mining projects

Maker interviews
Maker interviews
Live sports experience ethnography
Live sports experience
Smart home device interaction
Diary study, User interviews
report center
Report Center
User interviews
All-in-one prototype usage map
All-in-one prototype
Longitudinal study
video projector 1
Video projector usage environment
Contextual inquiry

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