Insight mining

Seek to understand

The power of insight is rooted in our deep generative research that looks at the world around us and in specific domains to find opportunities for innovation. We have years of experience adapting research techniques to the unique domain and the answers needed.


We enable radical leaps in product innovation by directly observing your target customers in their environment, independent of product use. When we understand the audience’s motivations, needs, environment, communication, and capabilities, we uncover opportunities for product concepts to address unmet needs.


Combining social science, technical research, economics, trends, global interviews and even a little science fiction, futurecasting models what it will feel like to live 2, 10, and even 20 years into the future. We'll help you figure out the future you want and the future you want to avoid. And most important, we'll help you form a plan to get there.


Ideation takes you from problems and opportunities to solutions. Our structured process engages your team to solve problems while giving each contributor a broader, empathic view across disciplines and roles. When that happens, we push your team well past the obvious into a visionary scope of possibilities.

User interviews

When time is tight, we’ll use one-on-one interviews to learn about your customer’s domain, goals, preferences, and tasks. We carve out specific focus areas to make sure we’re getting the data you and we need to make product definition and design choices.

Contextual inquiry

Seeing how customers use your product or service in a real-life context reveals fresh insights about how original design assumptions are actually playing out. We’ll spend part of a day with each person. We watch, probe with questions, and discover how well the product serves the intended audience.

Longitudinal studies

Although a customer’s first-time experience with your product is critical for acceptance, what happens after that? Ongoing, day-to-day use is a different animal. Techniques like diary studies and follow-up visits help us learn about needs and opportunities not evident from a single usability test or interview.

Some Insight Mining projects

workstation WP 400
High-performance Workstation Whitepaper
Competitive assessment, user interviews
Maker interviews
Maker interviews
Live sports experience ethnography
Live sports experience
All-in-one prototype usage map
All-in-one prototype
Longitudinal study
Smart speaker
Voice app integration
User interviews
Feature exploration exercise
Feature exploration

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