Specialty recruiting

Reach niche audiences

Find specialty subject matter experts, technical developers, thought leaders, and industry experts to help you uncover the transformational insights you need.

With years of experience and roots in technical participant recruiting, we’ve built and refined a recruiting process optimized to find hard-to-reach people. If you want to understand a niche audience or a group of your customers, our system ensures that you engage with exactly who you need from around the globe, no matter how unique.

Research participant recruitment

Let us recruit participants for your next research activity. We’ve recruited participants for in-depth interviews, usability studies, focus groups and dyads to name a few. We’ll recruit, screen, schedule and incentivize the exact people to ensure your research is meaningful.

Ongoing research participant panel

Need frequent access to participants for ongoing activities? We'll build a panel you can engage with again and again easily. Panels offers maximum flexibility and time/cost efficiency.

Domain expert contracting

Take our recruiting approach beyond research. Have a need for an expert in a certain field or topic? We can recruit anyone with specialized experience for needs such as expert reviews, thought leadership events, or speaking engagements.

Our approach

We take a bespoke approach to each project, using our rich database, sourcing tools, and global network of resources to find the right people who fit your profile. If you have certain companies, industries, or expertise in mind, we can find them.

Participant quality is our number one priority. To ensure that, we’ve created a meticulous vetting process to engage individuals who have the expertise you need and can communicate well.

We’ve expanded our recruiting across the globe and can hand-pick people with the precise expertise/experience you’re looking for. Through expansive outreach we prioritize finding exact fits.

Key participant profiles

Our recruiting system can source a broad spectrum of hard-to-find participants. Here are just a few examples.

Developers and IT professionals
With years of experience and a deep understanding of the tech industry, we have recruited countless Developer/IT roles:
AI/ML/DL engineers
Cloud developers
Computational engineers
Computer Vision developers
Data scientists
DevOps engineers
Embedded developers
HPC engineers/researchers
Real-time developers
Rendering/Graphics engineers
Systems engineers
Time Sensitive Networks (TSN) specialists
Business professionals
Using our breadth of industry knowledge and contacts, we have recruited hundreds of the following professional roles:
A/V specialists
Accounts payable administrators
Beauty advisors
CEOs and CFOs
Electronics refurbishers
Elementary teachers
Financial planners
Insurance claims professionals
Retail employees
Technical journalists
University finance directors
Specific populations
For dozens of projects with ultra-specific criteria, we've recruited numerous specific consumers:
Computer Information Science students
Drone owners
Specialty health app users
People with accessibility needs
Smart home device owners

Some specialty recruiting projects

networking protocols and standards-2-400x200
Network protocols and standards
Time-sensitive networking specialists
computing performance-2-400x200
Computing performance
Time coordinated computing experts
optimization of deep learning models-2-400x200
Optimization of Deep learning models
Specialized developers from China
fortune 50 corporate partnership
Fortune 50 Corporate Partnership Program
C-level suite executives
accessibility and inclusivity
Accessibility and inclusivity
Hearing and vision-impaired participants, Adaptive-mobility technology users
higher education
Higher education
Professors and administrators

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