Vision Building

Experience-driven innovation

With ever-increasing expectations for great experience, you’ll need a long-term experience vision and delivery strategy. We help you build that future perspective, transform your processes, and ensure you have the teams and tools to get there.


Combining social science, technical research, economics, trends, global interviews and even a little science fiction, futurecasting models what it will feel like to live 2, 10, and even 20 years into the future. We'll help you figure out the future you want and the future you want to avoid. And most important, we'll help you form a plan to get there.

Ecosystem assessment

We look at your current or potential markets to get insights that push beyond typical data like TAM and SAM. We'll show you how customer experience is impacting those metrics and see opportunities. We can tap diverse resources, like primary research, industry experts, visionaries, and users of competing products.


Ideation takes you from problems and opportunities to solutions. Our structured process engages your team to solve problems while giving each contributor a broader, empathic view across disciplines and roles. When that happens, we push your team well past the obvious into a visionary yet feasible scope of possibilities.

Design system definition

A design system brings your brand to your product's experience language. Your customer’s experiences will be standard and familiar, with excellent fit-and-finish. Reusable, usability-tested components will share creative attributes like typography, color, and palettes that will shorten design and development cycles.

New category evaluation

This form of market assessment brings an experience perspective to help forecast the likely success of a new product or service. Domain research, subject matter expert interviews, competitive experience evaluation, and resonance explorations create insights that help you approach the new category with confidence or help you shape it to meet customer needs and your objectives.

Specialty recruiting

We've built a system optimized to find hard-to-reach people for deep and focused research. We find niche subject-matter experts, thought leaders, and C-suite executives to enhance our Vision Building services. Even our competitors have used our system. We don't recruit just anyone -- we want just the right individuals who will help us find the transformational insights we're known for.

Some Vision Building projects

design system
SaaS software design system
Design system definition
Social Contiuum
Social Continuum
Ecosystem assessment, ethnography, new category evaluation
Self-healing technology
New category evaluation
Kids and cameras research
New category evaluation, specialty recruiting
Collaboration ecosystem
Ecosystem assessment
Feature exploration exercise
Feature exploration

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