UXA Labs

State of the art facilities

Our Insight Mining, Experience Modeling, and Impact Measurement services require more than just a team of skilled practitioners. From the start we knew we had to build for ourselves great ideation and research facilities to do our work well.

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A creative space for

usability tests.

Observation room

An ideal research and design environment

Daily, we use our User Experience Assessment Labs for participatory design groups, ideation sessions, user research, and usability testing. (You can, too – just contact us for rates and availability.)

The UXA Labs are conveniently located in NW Portland, so we’re easy for you and participants to reach.

Event space

Event & ideation spaces

Our labs include two large, separate spaces that are highly configurable, including large-screen monitors and wall-to-wall whiteboards in all rooms. They’re ideal for brainstorming and ideation sessions. There’s 1400 sq. ft. of open event and collaboration space with two break-out rooms, great for hosting events of up to 70 people, plus another 1200 sq. ft. of open event and collaboration space with more break-out rooms. Both spaces have lots of natural light and share an adjacent kitchen. Contact us for rates & availability.
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Testing labs

We can run simultaneous studies and handle almost any computer configuration, physical product or real-world scenario. You can watch sessions from comfortable observation rooms with great food and hospitality services. Our building has a dedicated fiber line with high-speed internet access. The labs are private and anonymous, with a separate entrance for participants. Contact us for rates & availability.
Video editing suite


We capture several camera views (HD 1080p), including the participant, environment, and device feeds. If you can't attend a study, we provide high-definition streaming to remote locations with the ability to record and stream multiple studies at one time. Our high-quality highlight reels include optional captions, audio sweetening, and dialogue subtitles.
Pop-up Lab

Pop-up labs

Or we can bring our labs to you. On several continents, we've done international usability testing and research in homes, offices, factories, and streets. Our pop-up labs bring user experience assessment to any location or environment in the world. They are small, unobtrusive and can record and stream video from anywhere. We’ve also formed global partnerships so we can use formal facilities overseas if required.
Participant registration

Participant registration

We conduct research on products and services for developers, among other audiences. If you’re a developer, fill out the brief form to participate in a future study. When we have a study that matches your experience, we'll reach out.

Rent our lab, ideation, or event space today!